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Best Proposal Spots in the Santa Barbara Area

Congratulations! You are ready to propose to your partner and ask for their hand in marriage! I know this is such an exciting time, but I also know it can be so stressful. You want to make sure everything is perfect and get this moment right. Here are some of my favorite proposal tips and locations for the Santa Barbara area.

Nature-Loving, Free Proposal Locations

Santa Barbara Beaches

If you are looking for a simple and free way to propose in Santa Barbara, head to one of the many beaches. Go for a walk on the beach at sunset and pop the question when the moment feels right. If you are looking to do something more extravagant you could hire a picnic company to have a custom picnic set up for you or hire a florist to create a setting with rose petals to walk up to. Either way, the views on the beach are sure to be gorgeous and memorable.

Ellwood Bluffs

Ellwood bluffs is a great proposal location. The beautiful bluffs overlook the ocean with walking trails and beach access. This is a great spot if you want to set up a surprise space with flowers or a table with champagne.

Santa Barbara Rose Garden

If you are looking to propose in the springtime, the Santa Barbara Rose Garden is a perfect location. With the thousands of red roses in bloom, it is a stunning and more private location to propose.

It is important to note that the rose gardens are public, but Old Mission across the street is not. Keep this in mind if you are planning to hire a photographer because Old Mission does not permit photography.

A Luxury Hotel Proposal

San Ysidro Ranch

If you are looking to splurge on a nice hotel with beautiful grounds I recommend San Ysidro Ranch. This hotel lives up in the hills of Montecito, CA. It is quaint and private and special for a proposal. To have permission to photograph and have access to the grounds be sure to book a hotel room for the night.

Rosewood Miramar

Rosewood Miramar is a beachside hotel also located in Montecito, CA. This luxurious hotel has many great spots to pop the questions as well as six different restaurants and activities to make a weekend trip out of it! You will need permission to take photos on the ground, but the beach is public and no permission is needed.

The Ritz Carlton Bacara

The Ritz Carlton Bacara in Goleta, CA is another splurge-worthy hotel perfect for a proposal. With scenic views and many local attractions nearby it is sure to be a trip to remember. This hotel has similar rules where you will need permission to photograph at the hotel, but not on the public beach.

Santa Barbara beach picnic proposal

Santa Ynez Valley Vineyards

Last but not least is the Santa Ynez Valley Vineyards. If you are local to Santa Barbara this is a great option for a date trip to wine country. Pop the question and enjoy a wine tasting together to celebrate. Be sure to ask permission for photography beforehand!

Looking to book a Santa Barbara proposal photographer? Contact Sarita Reilis Photography to capture this memorable moment and have professional photos to remember it forever!


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