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Santa Barbara Courthouse wedding Mikeala & Raynol

Love at First site!

Mikeala met Raynol while vacationing in Havana and the two fell in love at first site! They were married at the Santa Barbara Courthouse in 2018. Raynol's family was unable to attend the wedding in the states so they honored his family by performing a sweet African tradition called "Jumping the broom". According to Mikeala, "The broom signifies sweeping away the past, unification and beginning together anew" They decorated the broom together and attached letters from Raynol's family in Cuba. The morning after their wedding they we opened and read the letters "which was really special" she said.

They had their first born in December of 2020!! Congratulations on the new baby!!

Dress: Windsor

Tuxedo: Kenneth Cole

Rings: were purchased in Guyana

Wedding Location: Santa Barbara Courthouse


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